WS320 Wind Sensor Pack - Wireless

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The WS320 wireless wind sensor pack is the perfect solution for any sailor looking to get accurate and fast wind data to their instruments, which is easy to install without a cable through the mast.

It is solar powered, integrated battery and has bluetooth connectivity.

Comes with a wireless interface.

Wireless connectivity range: <= 30m (98ft)


  • Τάση εισόδου : 9-16V DC
  • Τάση λειτουργίας : 12V
  • Κατανάλωση : < 100 mA @ 12 V
  • Συνδεσιμότητα : NMEA2000|Bluetooth
  • Τύπος σύνδεσης : Micro-C (NMEA2000)
  • Διαστάσεις : 550x330x50mm

Package content:

1x Wind sensor

1x Gasket

1x Masthead bracket

1x Screws

1x Mounting base

1x Battery

1x NMEA2000 drop cable

1x Micro-C T-joiner

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