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OceanLink Sailing Kit

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The OceanLink Sailing kit is the fundamental setup for your sailing boat.

It is composed of a NMEA2000 windsensor, the OceanLink GPS/wind angle/wind speed gauges and all the necessary cables for installation and connection.

Kit includes:

-1pcs A2C59501984 NMEA2000 Wind sensor

-1pcs A2C1957420001 OceanLink Apparent/True wind speed gauge

-1pcs A2C1351970001 OceanLink GPS speedometer gauge

-1pcs A2C1957400001 OceanLink Apparent/True wind angle gauge

-1pcs A2C1433330001 OceanLink Power&Data cable

-1pcs A2C59501950 NMEA2000 30m cable

-1pcs A2C9624370001 NMEA2000 0.5m angled cable

-1pcs A2C3931270002 NMEA2000 T-splitter

-1pcs A2C3931060001 NMEA2000 female terminator

-1pcs A2C3931250001 NMEA2000 inline connector

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