LE300 Smart Battery System

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The BOS LE300 smart battery system is a fully scalable lithium extension solution to add capacity to lead-acid batteries.

They can be used with new or existing 12 V lead acid batteries.

The system recognizes the lead acid battery voltage and automatically starts to support the lead acid battery with a maximum current of 12.5 A per unit. Bigger loads get supplied by the lead acid and the LE300 in parallel, resulting in smaller currents for the whole system.

Its intelligent battery management system allows an easy Plug & Play installation and prolongs the lifespan of both batteries by up to 10 years.

Cycle numbers: 3000 full charge

Extra features:

  • Overcurrent
  • Overvoltage
  • Short circuit
  • Deep discharge
  • Wrong polarity protection


  • Input supply voltage : 11-15V DC
  • Nominal voltage : 12V
  • Capacity : 28Ah
  • Maximum current (peak) : 12.5A
  • Dimensions : 229x175x67cm
  • Product weight : 3.4kg

  1. State-of-charge-trend-display and torchlight
  2. Push button
  3. Mounting shape for standard lead acid mounting clamp
  4. Holes for mechanical parallel mounting
  5. Cable connector plugs
  6. Cable strain relief connectors
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