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M2 DC Multimeter with SoC

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DC SoC Monitor measures the voltages of up to three battery banks and current draw on one battery bank.

Provides battery State of Charge (SoC), capacity, amp hours (Ah) remaining, and charge cycles on Battery 1. 


  • Supports programmable shunt ratios
  • External relay activation


  • Input supply voltage : 7-70V DC
  • Nominal voltage : 12V|24V|48V
  • Alarm outputs : 1x
  • Current range : -500/+500A
  • Integrated features : SoC (State-of-Charge)|Battery capacity|Amp hours (Ah)|Charge cycles
  • Mounting & Support : Surface mount|Flush mount
  • Dimensions : 82.40x82.40x60.07mm
  • Product weight : 1.81kg

Package content:

1x M2 Monitor

1x Surface mount bezel & Gasket

1x Surface mount cover

1x Flat mount bezel & Clamp

1x Mounting ring & Nut

1x Shunt

1x Connectors

1x Screwdriver

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