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Multigraphic 5.7"

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The Multigraphic is a multifunction device that allows:

• Control of the nke Gyropilot2 or Pilote HR

• Display of data from the sensors connected to the Topline bus in digital,

analogue or graphic formats and access to setup parameters and alarms.

• Display and processing of A.I.S. target data in a 12 mile range for collision

avoidance, providing there is an A.I.S. receiver connected.

• Interface to NMEA 183 devices to provide relevant data to the Topline bus.


  • Input supply voltage : 8-32 VDC
  • Display size : 5.7"
  • Connectivity : NMEA0183|Topline (NKE Bus)
  • NMEA0183 inputs : 1x
  • Baud rate : 4800 to 38400 bps
  • Dimensions : 192mm(L)x118mm(W)x23mm(H)

Package content:

1x Multigraphic display

1x 6m cable

1x Sun cover

1x Fixing bolt

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