NMEA 2000 to Wifi Gateway

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The W2K-1 is a rugged and reliable NMEA 2000 to Wi-Fi Gateway with built-in data logger and Actisense-i diagnostic tools.

Transfer data from an NMEA 2000 backbone to any device (e.g laptop, tablet or smartphone) connected to the W2K-1 via Wi-Fi and additionally convert this data to NMEA 0183 using Actisense’s renowned conversion engine.


  • Input supply voltage : 9 to 30 VDC
  • Nominal voltage : 12V|24V
  • Consumption : 70mA @ 12 VDC
  • Connectivity : NMEA2000|NMEA0183|Wifi
  • NMEA2000 inputs : Yes
  • NMEA2000 outputs : Yes
  • Data transfer/conversion : NMEA2000 to NMEA0183 on Wifi|NMEA2000 to NMEA2000 on Wifi
  • Connector type : Micro-C (NMEA2000)
  • Dimensions : 106mm(L)x73mm(W)x24mm(H)
  • Product weight : 80g


  • Converts NMEA 2000 to/from NMEA 0183 (streamed over Wi-Fi)
  • Supports both TCP and UDP, streams data using up to three separate data servers
  • Data protocols are selectable to be compatible with a huge range of navigation software and apps
  • Approximately 16 days of Voyage data recording (upgradable)
  • Diagnostic LEDs for NMEA 2000 bus activity and Wi-Fi Status
  • Works as an access point and client simultaneously
  • Remote Firmware upgradability
  • Low power- 2 LEN (100 mA)
  • Supports 802.11 b/g/h (up to 150Mbps)
  • Automatically measures and reports the NMEA 2000 bus voltage
  • User Manual embedded on the device, easily accessible via browser
  • Each device has unique default SSID and Password for enhanced security
  • Actisense-i diagnostic tools



  • Two-in-one NMEA 2000 to Wi-Fi Gateway and data logger
  • Enables use of mobile devices and laptops without the hassle of a physical connection
  • Allows compatibility with a wide range of NMEA 2000 & NMEA 0183 applications
  • Ruggedised IP67 casing suitable for wet and harsh environments
  • Works out of the box with pre-installed industrial grade SD card
  • Integrated antenna has less chance of physical damage
  • Quick and easy to install

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