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SolidSwitch 104

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The SolidSwitch 104 switches DC loads of up to 70V/4A and can be controlled by a low power digital signal.

It has three typical use cases:

  • Control an external alternator regulator, such as a Balmar or Mastervolt Alpha pro in a Victron lithium system.
  • Switch a DC load, such as a light. A low power control circuit, max current drawn will only be 100 μA, can then control a load of up to 4 Amps.
  • Increase the number of chargers that can be wired to the ATC (allow-to-charge) output of a Victron BMS.

The DC load can be resistive, capacitive or inductive (such as the coil of a high-power contactor). 


  • Input supply voltage : 8-70V DC
  • Consumption : 4A
  • Dimensions : 66x58x23mm

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