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Venus GX

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The Venus GX provides intuitive control and monitoring for all Victron power systems.

The Venus GX is the communication-center of your installation.

Venus allows you to talk to all components in your system and ensure they are working in harmony.

Monitoring of live data, and changing settings is performed by using your smartphone (or other device) via the Victron Remote Management Portal.


  • Input supply voltage : 8-70V DC
  • Nominal voltage : 12V|24V|48V
  • Connectivity : Ethernet|Wifi|VE.Can|VE.Bus|VE.Direct
  • Digital inputs : 5x
  • Resistive signal inputs (Ω) : 3x
  • Signal resistance range : 0-180Ω|240-33Ω
  • Transducer inputs : 2x Temperature
  • Extras : 2x programmable analog/digital input/output ports
  • Connector type : VE.Direct|Ethernet (RJ45)|USB
  • Dimensions : 143x96x45mm
  • Product weight : 0.40kg

Package content:

1x Venus GX

1x Power cable

1x Terminal blocks

1x Labels

2x VE.Can terminators

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