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ViewLine Flex 52 IBM Kit

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The Intelligent Battery Sensor measures and reports voltage, current and temperature. It also originates additional critical data such as state of charge and overall battery health. The device works for either a single 12V lead, gel or AGM battery or a combination of two 12V batteries to a 24V unit.

Data from the resistive liquid level sensor can be displayed.

12V Kit:

Maximum current peak (500ms): +/- 1500A - 12V IBS

Maximum battery capacity : 500Ah - 12V IBS

24V Kit :

Maximum current peak (500ms): +/- 2000A - 24V IBS

Maximum battery capacity : 255Ah - 24V IBS


  • Input supply voltage : 8-32 V
  • Nominal voltage : 12V|24V
  • Consumption : <50mA
  • Connectivity : NFC
  • LIN inputs : 1x
  • Analogue input type : Resistive (Ω)
  • Resistive signal inputs (Ω) : 1x
  • Permanent current : +/-200A
  • Connector type : Hirschmann 8pin
  • Color : Black
  • Diameter : 52mm

Display layout:

There are four different display layouts which can be scrolled through by pressing the push button.

With every push the display changes to the next screen showing the next set of values. 

The type of liquid (fuel or fresh water) must be configured.

Package content:

1x VL Flex 52 IBM Gauge

1x Intelligent Battery Sensor (IBS)

1x Battery Pole Adapter M6 (M8 for 24V IBS)

1x Wire Harness 12V IBS 6m

1x 52 mm Mounting Spinlock

1x Push Button for Wire Harness

1x Safety instructions 

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