VHF/AIS/RADIO Splitter - 12V

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The RA201 splitter allows to use just one VHF antenna to simultaneously receive the AM/FM and AIS radio signals; furthermore, the VHF transceiver can also be used.

It is provided with a coaxial input for the antenna and three outputs for VHF, AM/FM radio and AIS.

Thanks to an electronic circuit specifically developed by Glomex and the presence of a built-in preamplifier, the RA201 splitter is able to offer high performance in its three applications, ensuring effective transmission and reception for VHF.


Range of radio reception : 100 KHz to 200 MHz (GO/PO/OC/FM included)

Range of transmission/reception VHF : 100 MHz to 200 MHz (marine/ham radio)

Range of AIS reception : 100 MHz to 200 MHz

Built-in preamplifier : 15 dB shared on two inputs (to compensate power loss)

VHF power range : from 0.2 watts min to 100 watts max


  • Input supply voltage : 13.8 V
  • Nominal voltage : 12V
  • Consumption : 25mA
  • Impedance : 50Ω
  • Connector type : UHF male|UHF female|BNC male|Motorola plug
  • Dimensions : 83x48x38mm

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